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Don’t pay more than you have to on your ACC Levies

You pay a lot of ACC levies each year, but is the level of ACC cover adequate for your needs?

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If you have an accident that stops you working, ACC only pays 80% of your self-employed income from the previous year. It doesn’t cover illnesses, and both the levies and amount of income varies based on a set formula calculated from your income and profession. It is in no way tailored to your needs.




For the amount of ACC levies you pay. We know we can do better!

Here at OnPoint Financial Advice, we are an ACC Authorised Advisor Organisation  and we know you can do better.
We will review your ACC and work out an insurance plan that not only reduces your ACC levies, but offers a higher level of protection – including illnesses – and often with premiums similar to what you’re currently paying for your ACC. What’s more, it’s tailored to your individual situation.

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